Leanne loves to be a pinup!featuring Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow returns in a solo with her ginormous 34Hs. And as usual, she is still teasing us with her knockers but covering up her pussy! But with such memorable mammaries, she can get away with this.When we first see her,
she's wearing a halter top, sheer black shorts, and high heels. Flirty as ever, she waves a big feather fan around her face. Then she opens the halter and loses the shorts and reveals her matching bra and thong. Truly, the phrase "boulder holders" was invented for the brassieres of Leanne Crow. Famous funbag fanciers such as industrialist and brassiere designer Howard Hughes, and glamour photog and nudie filmmaker Russ Meyer, would have loved her colossal cans! Leanne sits down at the piano and plays a few bars, looking over her jutting rack to watch her hands as they move across the keyboard. Then Leanne removes those lacy H-cups from her drool-inducing melons. She stretches her arms above her head as she poses in front of a mirror, accentuating the enormity of her num-nums. Then she covers up her nipples and gives us a skeptical look, as if to say we should calm down and not jerk off so fast. Hey, Miss Crow knows the effect she has on the breast-susceptible! But soon enough she bares her boobs again and lets us drink in the spectacular sights.I think Leanne is an old-fashioned pinup girl at heart. She clearly enjoys simply posing and smiling and showing off those superb glands. Her pictures are right out of a classic girlie calendar and would look perfect on the walls of barber shops, garages, locker rooms, and barracks. Hell, they'd be perfect in the offices of professors, doctors, lawyers, and engineers too! A gifted girl like Leanne Crow can lift the spirits of soldiers and scientists alike. Put her image on a postage stamp, I say! If there were more beautiful tits like Leanne's on view in this world, and less violence and insanity, it would be a happier place.