Leanne makes us crow like roosters!featuring Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow, who gains in popularity with every new appearance here (this is her fifth) gives us yet more eyefuls of her 34H melons as she sits in the backyard and enjoys a cool drink...mostly on her tits!Pouring herself
a glass out of a rooster-shaped pitcher--I have a feeling that rooster is standing in for all of us boob lovers!--Leanne cools her tatas with the iced drink. The liquid streams down her paps in little rivers, and then Leanne presents her jugs to us in low angle views that make us ready to lick off every drop.Miss Crow slips off her white shift and shows us her blue-gray panties with white lace trim. Then she sits down and rubs ice over her nipples, tempting our tongues even more. She gets coy with her cans and covers up her nips with her arm, playing peekaboo with us. Then she takes down her panties and gets coy with her pussy too, which she still keeps under wraps. Instead we get some nice views of her round tush as she turns to a clothesline and selects lingerie for tomorrow--which she then puts in a bag with a ROOSTER pattern! Yep, I think roosters are definitely standing in for us today, just as the cute puppies prancing around pretty girls would be stand-ins for the viewers of pinup pictures in the 1940s and 50s. In other words, if only we were those roosters, we could be next to Leanne Crow ourselves! Those darn lucky cocks!