Sunbathing tit godesses!featuring Leanne Crow,  Kelley Scarlett

Those two boobtastic Brits Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett return in a new twosome pictorial (if you missed their car wash duo back on 10/20/10, check it out in the archives). This time they’re in bikinis, posing outdoors
at a pool. Looking like two red carpet celebrities in their shades, they know they’ve got our balls under control as they playfully splash around in the water before they finally take off their tops and demonstrate the flotation qualities of their knockers. They squeeze them in their mitts, push them out between their arms, and sun them under the bright sky. I’d like to be their poolside valet and get them cool drinks at their command, maybe to be rewarded for my service with a chance to get in the pool myself and splash around amidst their gigantic gazongas. That would be titman’s heaven!Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture these jiggly goddesses preening like Hollywood starlets in their sunglasses as they turn their faces and floppers toward the sun. When they finally take off their bikini bottoms and emerge from the pool, Leanne and Kelley pose with their hands covering their pussies like the bashful girl does in the famous old-time painting “September Morn”--mouthwateringly naked to our lusty eyes except for their fingers concealing those as-yet unseen nookie nirvanas close by the paradise of their protuberant paps!