Girls washing each other!featuring Leanne Crow,  Kelley Scarlett

British beauties Leanne Crow and Kelley Scarlett attempt to wash the DDFBusty Rolls Royce, but get sidetracked by wanting to please their admirers (us!) with a water show. Which is as it should be!If it were possible to harness
electrical power from cleavage, these two girls could keep a small nation’s infrastructure up and running for a year! Busting out of their tops, they tease us slowly, showing off the clefts between their cantaloupes while squeezing wet sponges over themselves. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get hornier just looking at girls showing off their cleavage without even baring their nipples. Obviously it’s nice to see the nipples eventually too, but you know what I mean! Cleavage teasing is an erotic art, and Leanne and Kelley show their mastery of it here. Of course, the wetter their clothes become, the more we can see the outlines of their dark nipples...and can almost taste those stiff nubs, drenched in water but still covered in fabric!When their naked knockers finally emerge, it’s awe-inspiring. I was almost clawing at my computer screen, trying to climb inside the pictures! Well, not really, but you get my drift. Kelley gives us her sultry raised eyebrow look as cheery Leanne squeezes water all over her melons, and Kelley’s eyes seem to say that she knows she’s stimulating a lot of masturbation all over the planet thanks to the miracle of the Internet. I wonder if all the simultaneous stroking of men worldwide could affect the earth’s orbit and send us rocketing into the sun?Well, the poor Rolls doesn’t get washed very well, but who cares? That’s why car washes were invented, to pick up the slack when chesty cuties get distracted squirting water from a garden hose all over themselves for their own sensual pleasure...and ours!!