She rules with her boobs!featuring Leanne Crow

Watch Leanne Crow rule with her boobs in a whirlpool bath. Leanne poses her stunning 34H cantaloupes in a tight white blouse which she drenches with the spray attachment, revealing beige nipples underneath. Then she gets
down in the tub and turns on the faucet as well as special jets that blast water over her body. She keeps on her shirt and panties as she gets blitzed with H20. Then she stands and removes her underpants, but covers up her crotch as she sits down again in the frothing foam. This cutie shows us her tits every which way, as well as her butt, but her crotch remains the Land Unseen! But a final sequence where she wraps herself in a fluffy towel provides some bonus cleavage teasing you won't want to miss!