Double dong in the D-cups!featuring Jasmine Black,  Donna Bell

Two more of your super favorites, Jasmine Black and blonde Dona Bell show up to entertain us in and out of their sexy bras. Once they slide aside the cups, their lips zero in on their nips post haste! Jasmine’s well-lipsticked
mouth looks particularly good sucking on Dona's 38Ds, and then the blonde returns the favor, not only licking Jasmine’s melons but pressing her face between that alluring cleavage. They squeeze their boobs together, then Jasmine lays back and Dona straddles her so she can play with the Black 34DDs from above, then lean down for more sucking. The gals stretch out on the bed and Dona really gets the prime position, leaning against Jasmine’s lap as the raven-tressed Romanian beauty feeds her mams into the blonde’s mouth...a truly enviable position to be in!Panties are pulled aside and then sniffed as pussies are kissed and probed with hot tongues and nipples, and then a huge double dong comes out, bright and shiny as the ladies rub it between their cleavage and lick it. They squat on the bed, posing their tits for us as they are connected by their mouths with the dong. Then they cram it into their pussies and ride together on the bed, their holes moving faster and faster to mounting orgasms as the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture it all in pix and HD video for the constant pleasure of our cocks!! You’ll literally wish you could jump into the scene and help our models out by moving your mouth back and forth from tit to tit as they explode on their humongous toy!