Chesty chicks go nutty over nipplesfeaturing Joanna Bliss,  Natalie Fiore

Natalie Fiore plus Joanna Bliss means a world class banquet of bountiful boobage! Between Miss Fiore’s 36DDD/Es and Miss Bliss’s 36Hs, that is a lot of territory to fantasize about! And Denys DeFrancesco and his camera
crews probably had to check with some International Institute for the Prevention of Earthquakes to make sure the combination of these two colossally cupped cuties in one room wouldn’t cause any kind of seismic disturbance in a five mile radius around where they did their scene!!! The excuse for their sensuous summit is ostensibly to play chess...but who but these two busty legends play the “game of kings” in their lingerie?? Soon enough “Pawn to King-4” is forgotten in the rush of “Tongue to Tit-2.” Yes, as soon as Natalie can get Joanna out of her bustier, she’s glomming on the left Bliss boob, pressing her face between the cleavage. Joanna enjoys the attention but it’s obvious that she’s hungry for some suckling of her own, and as soon as Natalie unearths her gigantic glands from her industrial strength boulder-holder, Joanna is fondling and sucking them, even getting on her knees to worship the Fiore floppers. There is so much to see here in high resolution pix and HD video as these two bosom sensations adore each other’s free swinging bells over the neglected chessboard. Our DDF cameras bring you phenomenal views and angles as the ladies hungrily lap at each other, their hefty hooters hanging down or splaying across their torsos. There are some startling shots where Natalie’s nipples look amazingly huge as Joanna sucks them. But there’s room for your head too, as Miss Bliss concentrates on one boob at a time, leaving the space open for you to blow up the photos on your computer and lick Natalie’s other nipple! Audience participation encouraged!!! The gals pose together for a topless portrait at the end, but the allure of getting in a few more sucks of Natalie’s nubs is irresistible to Joanna and she bends down in the final shots for some parting licks of those lush Fiore loaves!