Girls just need to suck tit!featuring Misha,  Carol

Carol and Misha grab firm hold of my tender nuts with their phenomenal girl-girl grope! Here we have another two very popular models. Including this pictorial, Carol has made 33 appearances and Misha 12! As a member, you
can instantly check out their other layouts and videos by simply accessing “Our Busty Babes” in the site menu.Our hooterrific heroines appear in skintight jeans, heels, and with tops that match the colors of their lacy but strong bras. And yes, those melon traps have to be resilient to support the likes of Carol’s 34Fs and Misha’s 34DDs. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews get great shots of the ladies sucking with extreme horniness on their boobs. Then they strip off each other’s clothes--with short breaks for Carol to suck Misha’s nips--before stretching out on the couch and getting down with their tongues. Carol looks particularly hot as she leans back and savors the sensations as Misha’s mouth moves from her nipples to her clit. Misha takes down Carol’s panties, licks her asshole, sniffs those scanties, and then fills Carol’s cooch with a pink vibrator.But there’s more! Carol peels off Misha’s panties and uses them as a kind of harness for her tits, pushing them apart so Misha can suck the nubs even more comfortably. Then it’s time for more cunnilingus as Misha squats over Carol’s face in a truly spectacular series of low-angle shots looking up. You can almost TASTE Misha yourself as the tip of Carol’s tongue licks and probes! The girls wind down with vibrators, as Carol puts one in her mouth so that Misha can ride it to climax. And then, having done their all to get themselves off as well as get you and me stroking, the babes pose together at the end in a nice double-portrait that showcases their sexy faces only a few inches above their glorious glands!