Warm Yourself in the Hooter Heat!featuring Carol,  Lana Ivans

Between Lana Ivans at 44DD and Carol at 34F, we get 78 inches of tit power. If scientists could learn to harness hooter heat instead of just relying on fossil fuels or solar strength, a lot of energy problems could be solved
on our planet! Watching these two delicious dolls glomming onto each other’s nipples sure gets ME energized! Carol in particular looks boner-inducingly HOT sucking on big juicy tits. In fact, she also looks good when Lana sucks on hers! This is the collision of two truly amazing pairs. But then, let’s mix a strap-on into the equation! The polar ice caps will soon be melting!!Carol crams her red plastic shaft, which peeks out of her black leather pants, into Lana’s slot. The brunette rides the dong for all it’s worth, then she sucks it and tittie-plows it. But it’s time for turnabout when Carol takes her pants down and Lana prepares her pal’s posterior first with the touch of her warm tits, and then the penetration of her asshole with a long lavender vibrator! Lana wraps the vibe in her cleavage and uses it to propel the toy back and forth in Carol’s butt. Their tits jiggle like crazy as all this stuff goes on!