Sharon sevice's Carol's strap-on!featuring Sharon Pink

Two of our most popular models, Carol and Sharon Pink, team up for a kinky lezzie encounter. Carol, looking playfully stern, leads a handcuffed Sharon into the room where she spanks her butt with a whip. But Carol’s feelings
quickly soften and soon she’s taking down Sharon’s clothes as well as her own. When the bra cups come off, the lips and tongues go into action, with Sharon then lapping at Carol’s asshole and 34Fs. Carol plays with Sharon’s massive nipples and then sits herself down on the face of her handcuffed “slave.” No, wait, Carol uncuffs Sharon so the girl can have more sensual access to her body! Sharon promptly licks and plays with Carol’s slit, pulling apart the lips and exposing the pink.The lines between “mistress” and “slave” are totally blurred as Carol returns the favor of worship, rooting her tongue around in Sharon’s twat and butthole. Then it’s time for the strap-on dildo, which sticks out of Carol’s crotch. It’s a big toy, and Sharon adores it like a faithful big-titted cocksucker should, even though it’s made of plastic or rubber or whatever. Sharon wraps her hands around the thick toy and sucks, but before she knows it Carol is fucking her cleavage with it.Then it’s time for the grand finale as Sharon sits herself down on the upraised rod and rides it like a cowgirl. But Carol is versatile, and she gets Sharon into the doggie position too, so she can bang that beaver from behind. It all ends with an affectionate French kiss as the two top-heavy honeys press their boobs together and clasp hands around the dildo which still juts out of Carol’s crotch