Well-Built Beauties of Britain!featuring Sapphire,  Lauren

Great Britain has been famous for many things over the years, making its contributions felt in so many different avenues from Shakespeare to science to soldiering, and on and on. And the island nation has also been noted
for the oft-startling dimensions of its nude models, going back to the startlingly top-heavy Paula Page of the 1950s and coming right up to 21st century girls Sapphire and Lauren, who clinch for us here. Sapphire gets the raven-tressed Lauren to kneel in all her boobiferous glory at her knees to suck a black strap-on dildo, easing the girl into a session of sucking Sapph’s 32F knobs before leaning Lauren back and returning the favor of knocker worship. Sapphire sucks and tweaks Lauren’s lovely glands before getting the gal to take her strap-on dildo doggie style on the couch. Then Sapphire takes the dildo off her crotch and uses it with her hand to plow between Lauren’s tits, as the babe’s huge beige nipples crinkle and pucker up. Sapphire moves the dildo down to her friend’s quim again, but then Lauren takes over the dominant role, lays Sapphire on her back, and licks the blonde’s pussy and also rubs it with her nipples. It all ends with Sapphire returning the cunny-licking favor as Lauren’s colossal melons hover above her--and us!