There's gold in those hills!featuring Anais Hills

Give a big spurt of welcome to Anais Hills, that 42C vixen from France who returns to give us another fine display of her pap power. Wearing a black-and-white ribbed bustier, her rack almost overflows the edges! Anais treats
us to lots of great cleavage views, as well as standing tall and showing off her sexy legs. Sitting down on the couch, she unzips the bustier and out pop her incredible nipples, which look as big as jumbo cookies. Her globes can’t help but make our mouths water!Anais squeezes her melons, plays with her nubs, and shifts those bells around in the half-opened bustier. Then she pulls aside her panties and we see her dark meaty snatch, ready for some serious licking and fingering. Since Anais is alone, she slips in her own digits--but you’ll wish you could jump into the pictures to lend her a hand!Standing over us with her torpedos swinging down, Anais peels off her panties completely so we can see the plump peach of her shaver, nestled darkly at the top of her legs. Then she teases us more with her tits, squeezing them from above so that her nipples jut forward to our hungry mouths. Then out comes a big purple dildo, which our girl sucks and licks before sticking it between her jugs, where it hangs between the firm abundant flesh. She bangs herself with the toy, lifting up her legs and giving us full vistas of her lush inner thighs. Doggie style penetration follows as she gets on her knees to plow herself, before winding up on her back again for the finale. To paraphrase what they used to say in the old movie westerns, “there’s gold in them thar Hills!!” So go prospecting for Anais and enjoy the treasure you find!