Mouthwatering Mammary Beauty!featuring Michelle

The splendid Michelle Monaghan from the United Kingdom is back for her 25th appearance on our site, and boy oh boy is she looking good! Teasing us her in animal print top and bottom, she bends over to show us her butt and
legs, then turns around to reveal her cleavage. Mouthwateringly lifted up by her bra, her 32G tits look ready for loving. As Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews circle around, Michelle takes out one of her huge hooters and lets it hang over her bra, then takes out the other as well and presses them together in a glorious serving of saucy seductive flesh. She squeezes them tight so that her nipples are practically kissing each other! Then she takes off her bra and kneels on the lawn table like a pinup girl, getting acqainted with a orange vibrator which stands nearby.Michelle lays back and slides the toy between her tits, then moves the vibe down under her panties. She tugs aside the crotch and shows us her snatch, but it’s hard to take our eyes away from her boobs, which sway and shift on her torso as she rests on her back. Getting on her knees, she licks the dildo, then takes down her panties completely and thrusts the toy into her quim. Just imagine climbing into the scene and taking those tits in your mouth while she’s fulfilling herself with the toy! Wouldn’t you just love to lick and suck those nipples, and feel your face engulfed in all that mammary beauty? Michelle continues to fuck herself with the dildo, both in her pie and between her bells, and then she poses prettily in the late afternoon shade, as beautiful and sensual as a nude by the French painter Renoir!