Melons, two big melons!featuring Merilyn Sekova

Merilyn gives us her mysterious smile, and blows us a kiss with her rich red lipstick. Then it’s into the bathtub, where she squirts lotion all over her exposed boobs, which hang free in the openings of her bodysuit. She
does this erotic little flexing motion with her shoulders that makes her boobs twitch as she covers them in white gooey cream, and then she rubs the cream in--and the more she rubs, the more you can almost feel those dairy pillows in your own your own mouth...against your own cock! And then, leaning over in the tub just before she takes off the bodysuit, Merilyn says in her sultry Russian accent, almost humorously but aware of the seriousness of her words to us: “Melons. Two beeg melons!” Ah, a priceless moment indeed, both charming and cum-coaxing, just before she continues to caress those tits and makes you jack off like a drooling tittie-slave! At least, that’s what this hard-working reporter became until the messy release of pent-up tension returned him to his senses.