Enough Flesh for 4 Tits!featuring Merilyn Sekova

The amazing Merilyn Sekova needs no introduction to astute connoisseurs of “colossal goodies,” to borrow a great phrase left in a comment by our member Milkman. This Ukrainian beauty stands in a doorway and gives us a slow
sensuous strip out of her gold bra and panties, and we are much stiffer men for it!! From the moment we see her overflowing 32F boobage in the bra, all our senses are alerted to the delights to follow. Even Merilyn’s beautiful face is erotic in a powerful way, with her green eyes, full-lipped smile, and sensual dimples all presenting a challenge to our cocks to try to hold off from shooting too fast!! Merilyn knows the incredible power of her appeal as she takes her time in displaying herself, pressing her tits together with her upper arms, squatting and letting us drool over her cleavage as it’s bisected by the straps of her bra. ndeed, as some of the shots prove, Merilyn has enough flesh for four tits!! Somebody should design a bra in her honor and name it the “Merilyn Mammoth.” Whether she’s looking into our eyes from above as we get semen-coaxing low angle views, or if she’s licking her lips even as she presents tantalizing sideboob shots, or even when she turns around and we simply get to see the knotted bow of her bra against her tan back, almost like a temptation to untie it--Miss Merilyn Sekova has us firmly in the palms of her manicured hands, molding us into her total tittie slaves! Getting on her knees, letting us stare at her pussy, and then standing up again and giving our DDF lenses a Portrait of the Model as a Super-Boob Ultra-Goddess, Merilyn Sekova invites lots of fantasies and loads of unstoppable sperm!!