I'm on the sofa tonight!featuring Merilyn Sekova

Miss Sekova with her red lipstick, piercing green eyes, and slightly haughty air comes across here as the bitch you love to crave! She starts out topless with her extraordinary 32Fs hanging free above her pedal pusher jeans,
but just to mess with our minds she puts on a lacy white boulder-holder, pulls on a belly shirt complete with hoodie, and finishes her teasing look with some shades...as if to imply that we might have to squirt our sperm while she’s fully dressed!! But then Merilyn shows mercy on us and strips again, unveiling her torpedos and unsnapping the buttons on the sides of her jean legs. Soon she gives us a demonstration of lifting and dropping her heavy hooters over and over, usually with the bitchy look but occasionally with an amused smile. She lets those bazoombas slap and thump against her torso several times before she settles down with a vibrator that goes into her snatch with a squish. Totally hot!