Sperm on Rye [Part 2]

Rye returns and picks up where she left off last week, this time playing with a pink plastic vibrator that will be the envy of all breast men as it stands squeezed between her 36Ds. Of course that toy gets to visit other
warm places on Rye’s anatomy as well, such as her shaved pussy which she displays for us in large closeups.What we especially liked were the low angles looking up at Rye’s hefty mams, a mountain range we’d sure love to scale sometime! But in a show of the versatility of Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews, we also get excellent high angle shots looking down on Rye when she’s stretched out on the couch playing with herself. Whether she’s just squeezing her arm between her tits or sucking on her fingers, she seems to be inviting us to stand over her (as she did in her last pictorial) and pump out a load that will flutter down on her fun sacks like snow on the Alps!