Cream On Her Cleavage!featuring Lily

Oh happy, happy day! Lily is back! This beautiful blonde from the Russian Federation pays her third visit to our site, and it’s her best yet. Her upbeat mood and tantalizing 34C-25-36 body are always a pleasure to behold.
The scene starts with Lily relaxing in her kitchen, and wearing an extremely cute and sexy outfit. Her tight low-cut blouse shows her cleavage pushing over the top of her animal-print bra, and combined with that mega-watt smile of hers, well, the effect is awesome! We’re already goners and she hasn’t even stripped yet!Lily gives a hint of what’s to come as she enjoys her coffee after spritzing it with a little whipped cream. She rubs smudges of that cream on the edge of her boobs, and then after taking off her top and bra, gets seriously involved with that can of cream as she squirts it all over those juicy knockers, with their oh-so-suckable big nipples. Leaning back on the table, she coats her jugs with the gooey stuff, with an open-mouthed expression of genuine ecstasy on her face. Maybe getting messy is her personal fetish? She did it in one of her previous scenes, too! She rubs the cream all over her tits and even on her panties, which she soon pulls off. Lily looks really contented covered in all the sticky white stuff, especially as she rolls around on the table on her tummy and lowers her bells into the mess. We get great shots of her hanging boobs slipping and sliding across the cream. Lily can’t stop playing in the stuff and keeps squirting it on herself from the can until finally she tops off the mess on her boobs with some of the coffee. Wow, if only they served java this way in restaurants!! We’d much rather drink it off Lily instead of from a cup!!