Ready for Knocker Fucking!featuring Brandy Lee

Brandy Lee returns to give us some more of her 36D goodness! Looking perky and fun-loving in her white halter, Daisy Duke short-shorts, and white platform heels, Brandy’s got a big smile on her face as she undoes her top
so we can peek at her cleavage in the purple satin bra. Our DDF cameraman gets some great vistas of her rack in that bra which you will enjoy blowing up on your computer screens! Brandy soon takes off her halter and peels down the shorts too, all the while pressing her still-brassiered boobs together with her upper arms. Once the bra comes off, however, we are treated to her lovely tan-lined jugs with their huge silver-dollar-sized pale beige nipples. Brandy sits back on the couch with her shorts puddled around her ankles, and plays with her pierced pussy while pressing down on her bells from above. Our cameras come close as she leans back and slides her fingers into her flowery groove. Next Brandy takes out a long white vibrator, sticks it between her knobs, and sucks on the tip. She stands up and rubs it against her clam, then squats down and takes it into her pussy while she rubs the top of her tits. Watch for the great low angle shot shooting up at Brandy from floor level as she presses down on her paps above, while the dildo slides into her snatch below. Then, laying back on the couch again, she opens her pink and plays with the toy some more. She also gets into the doggie position so that her tits hang down as she boffs herself with the vibe. At the end, Brandy rests the exhausted toy between her boobs, licking the tip and looking at us with her best “Come fuck my knockers now” expression!!