Popping out of her Top!featuring Karina Heart

Karina Heart drops in for a cute little show to tantalize us. One of the faves around here at DDFBusty.com, she inspires some enthusiastic comments on the site! Like member Milkman says: “Why has Karina not called [me]
yet to get help carrying those enormous soft breasts around? I am ready by the phone...” Standing outside next to a pickup truck, in a sexy pink top that perfectly frames her fabulous 34H rack, Karina blows us kisses as she lifts up her boobage on her crossed forearms, then hefts her hooters in her nicely manicured fingers. Taking off her top, she lets us feast on her cleavage as displayed in a pink bra. She gets into the passenger seat, straps herself in with the seat belt, but then thinks better of it and just shows us her naked boobs instead! There’s a hot shot through the windshield that shows her warmly illuminated by the sunlight as it caresses her titties.Getting out of the truck, Karina stands next to the door and lets us enjoy her bare bells as they hang free over her narrow waist and voluptuous hips in her blue denim miniskirt. Ohmigosh, do those tits ever look suckable! And as Milkman said, if any time she needs help carrying them around, there are probably thousands of ready members’ mitts out in DDFBustyland that would be up to the happy task!