Prettily pumps her papsfeaturing Rye

Hungarian hottie Rye returns and she’s got an interesting trick to show us. Posing prettily in her low-cut pink playsuit and lacy pink bra, this green-eyed doll gives us a little cleavage show before pulling out her paps.
She lets them jiggle on the underwire of her bra while she flashes her equally pink panties at us, then she takes off the underwear completely and gets down to the main event.It seems that Rye has a little breast pump, and she presses the clear plastic base on one nipple at a time while squeezing the red rubber bulb that provides suction. Soon her nipples look even bigger than usual, and oh so very slurp-able! Rye attaches the pump to a nipple and lets it hang as she leans over the couch and closes her eyes in pleasure. She keeps playing with her box while pumping her nips until they almost fill the little plastic suction cup. Methinks Rye needs a volunteer from the fans out in DDFBustyLand to fill in when she gets tired of that pump! The end of the line to suck her tits is about a mile around the corner!