Makes Herself a Sexy Sundae!featuring Lily

We really like Lily! This blue-eyed Latvian blonde first posed for us about a month ago, and we’re glad to see her back so soon! She tempts us in her white blouse, tied up halter style to show off her trim tummy, and her
blue denim cut-off miniskirt. Tugging aside her top, she lets us see her pretty blue satin-and-white lace bra, which showcases her 34C cleavage so nicely. Tugging down the cups, she offers us her big light brown nipples, and she lifts her arms above her head which emphasizes the fullness and sexy sway and swing of those delectable bells.The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews come in tight so we can fill our computer screens with gorgeous images of her lovely silver dollar-sized nipples. Lily has a sexy but understanding face, really a dream of a girl-next-door face, and she looks at us with both cozy warmth and erotic invitation as she squeezes her boobs together, and flirts with her nipples by covering them with her hands. Removing her skirt and laying across the couch, she pulls aside her panty crotch to let us see her pussy too, but those great tits are always front and center in our consciousness even as she turns this way and that, displaying her butt and curvy legs. Laying across the cushions, she lets her boobs shift down toward her face as she lifts up her gams against the back of the couch. Then for an extra treat for us at the end, she rubs whipped cream all over her knobs, until they’re white and gooey and coated, and she keeps rubbing it in until her rack is glistening. Anybody wanna taste the sundae that is sweet Lily and her bosom? The line starts around the corner!!