Laura’s ultimate massage!featuring Laura Orsolya

Laura M. is back on to fulfill the cravings of her longtime fans, as well as the hungers of new admirers, who cannot get enough of this true Busty Legend! This time Laura starts off by teasing us in her clothes: low-cut purple
blouse, black miniskirt, and strappy heels. We get lots of great cleavage action, especially when our girl shows us her melons almost overflowing her satiny black boulder-holder. But the bra soon comes off and Laura lets us revel in the bareness of her bosom, her huge nipples crinkling before our eyes as she stands over us, leans over, and presses her glory-sacks together. But Laura is in for a special treat today, as she stretches naked on her tummy across a table for a massage. The masseur, whose face always remains unseen, begins by kneading her knockers from the side, hefting those heavy 40Fs in his mitts, squeezing the underboob area and tweaking her nips. Her body glistening with oil, Laura lays on her back so that her attendant can have full sway over her squachies, closing her eyes as he presses her mountains together. But Laura doesn’t forget us, and keeps opening her peepers to look right into our souls almost as if to make sure we’re busy giving ourselves a little massage at the same time, if you know what we mean and we’re sure you do!Some of the best action happens when Laura gets on her knees on the table, with her bells hanging down with a gentle sway so that her body servant can reach his hands up and massage her from below. We bet a lot of women would envy Laura's position: it’s perfect for receiving doggie style at the same time! Just imagine yourself climbing up on the table behind Laura to insert your shaft in her slot while she gets her jugs stroked and pampered!! Look out, Miss M., here come our loads!!!