Oiled for her pleasure!featuring Domenica

Winding up this sperm-coaxing week is Domenica! She’s in a bathroom, although the shower is her choice of posing spot. We first see her in a very fetching black-and-gray bra. Domenica, from the Czech Republic, stands 5’8”
and has a fantastic figure at 32DD-25-36, curvy and statuesque like a proud young Amazon. I also like the tattoo of eight little paw prints on the left side of her pelvis. Very sexy and cute!Domenica takes off her bra and panties and oils herself for our visual pleasure. Her knockers sure look tasty with all that slick stuff making them shine and slip over her fingers. The cameras capture some gigantic closeups, and then Domenica reaches for the shower attachment to rinse off. The little rivers of water pouring down her boobs and shaved pussy look so refreshing...and Domenica’s come-hither looks seem to say she’d enjoy a little company in that lonely shower...the kind of attentive company that the members of DDFBusty.com would only be too willing to provide! After she’s done with her rinse, Domenica gives us some classic-style poses with her towel, that really set off the magnificent curvy shape of her splendid, womanly body. The ancient Greeks would have been inspired by her figure to carve a lot of statues!