The goddess in her bath!featuring Sheila Grant

Wow, does Sheila Grant have a beautiful body. WOW. This is the kind of figure that has inspired artists and sculptors throughout the centuries, and undoubtedly given legions of desperate men hope in the darker hours of history.
There is something magical about a figure like Sheila’s, something that almost cannot be put into words.But not only does she have a splendidly curvaceous 36D-27-36 form, but she’s a terrific model with the spark of personality that always keeps her pictures interesting. It comes through in her smile, in her gray eyes, and in the way she holds herself. Posing in the bathroom in her long orange towel, she slowly unveils herself to us. Even the way she sits on the edge of the tub is sexy--with the towel half off her body and gathered around her hips, she has the proud, upright posture of a confident, interesting woman. Her butt is a wonder, too. Wait until you see the amazing closeup of her tantalizing rosebud!!Sheila gets into the swirling water and covers herself with bubbles. She rubs the foamy soap all over her tits and ass. Then she leans back in the tub with a cute purple vibrator that has a little dolphin-shaped tip. She rubs it against her drenched pussy and slides it inside. Her pleasure builds. Our DDF cameras capture it all in a great variety of angles!Sheila looks like she really enjoys herself with her vibrator, but she doesn’t forget us. After she’s done in the tub, she dries herself off with that fluffy towel and gives us some last lingering views of her incredible bod. No doubt about it--Sheila’s a true Busty Legend, so don’t miss her new pix and HD video!