Incredible cantaloupes from heaven!featuring Leanne Crow

Check out Leanne Crow and her outrageous 34H hooters are back. Indeed, the bikini has not yet been designed that can adequately contain all the bounty of this British babe’s bazooms. She does everything you want to see a
tit queen do in a skimpy swimsuit top, squeezing her bells and making us wonder what her nipples look like under those mere shreds of colorful material. Leanne’s lungs are so big, but they’re also so shockingly firm! These are glands you want to press your face into and, after a few hours of sucking, rest your head against as you drift off to dreamland.Leanne finally takes off her top and preens poolside in the sun. We get a classic 1950s style set of pinup poses here, except there were hardly any girls this unbelievably top-heavy posing sixty years ago with the exception maybe of Virginia Bell! (If there were others this large that I’m not thinking of, I happily stand corrected. Leave your comments below.) Leanne gets back into the pool and rubs lotion all over her breasts, then rinses them off. She lounges on the chair and we get vistas from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, as the sunlight caresses the contours of her seriously wonderful cantaloupes. The DDF lenses get down on the ground and look up for some spectacular low angles, and then Leanne unties her bikini bottom and teases us even more, covering her pussy with her hand but showing us her bare ass. Kudos to the camera folks for capturing the Crow cannons from every conceivable angle. I