Teasing is such torture!featuring Leanne Crow

Raven-haired Leanne Crow gives us a slow, tantalizing striptease. First we see her 34D rack bulging against the fabric of her turquoise minidress. Then she tugs down the collar to give us peeks at her deep cleavage, only
to cover herself up again and start her tease over. We get lots of closeups of her sugar sacks as they hang free, and it’s not a great leap of the imagination to sense how warm and moist they must be underneath, where tits meet torso.Leanne then covers up her nipples and presses her bells together. It’s clear she loves to toy with US as much as she does with her tits! The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews go below, off to the side, and above Leanne to get her from every possible angle. Once out of her dress, she poses in her teeny thong, which—meanie!—she keeps on throughout. But maybe Leanne is TRAINING us to study her tits, and her tits alone, in great detail, with no pussy distractions! She sits in a red chair that fits her like a shell, a perfect place to imagine snuggling with her and sucking on her huge pale brown nips. What a pair of torpedos, and we get to see them so close that sometimes an entire tit fills the frame! Miss Crow shows us her cute spankable ass too. Maybe she deserves a fanny warming for teasing us so much? Naughty Leanne! Can you imagine putting all 5’5” of her across your knees, her hefty hooters flopping back and forth as you smack her cheeks? Well, your trusty reporter can! And then maybe in retaliation Leanne would give him a few whacks across the face with those sweet cantaloupes! You win, Leanne! Uncle Irv will never spank you again! Just keep beating him with those bijongas! THWACK-WHACK-SMACK!!! Ahhhh....