Switch from festive to freaky!featuring Eva B.

If you’re in the mood to get away from all the Christmas trees and Santa caps, check out Eva in a bizarre change-of-pace where her 36F jugs are put into chains along with her wrists as she stands starkly isolated in a bathtub
in a “chastity belt” that makes sure she won’t be doing anything naughty with her pussy this holiday season. Maybe this is what happens when girls aren’t on their best behavior and Santa decides to forego gifts in favor of a little discipline!Eva’s gigantic tits hang down just over her chained wrists, the fine network of boobie veins visible in closeup. On her face she wears a strange mask that seems like a cross between an eye doctor’s examining device and a mediEval restraint for silencing gossiping women. In any case, the kinky amongst us can conjure up many scenarios as to why Eva is undergoing this treatment. Perhaps she’s chained in the bathroom while in the rest of the house, her less naughty or kinky friends are celebrating Christmas in a more conventional way? And who will free Eva from her bonds? Just imagine it’s YOU, and that she then gives your cock the reward of her massive mammaries right there on the bottom of the tub!