Boobs and boots Rock!featuring Sexy Venera

This goddess from Greece doesn’t just seduce us with her 34Gs, but is in full dominatrix mode with a black bustier, thigh high stiletto boots, and riding crop. First she tempts us (ME!) with her cleavage while waving around
her crop, pressing it against her rack and butt. She clearly wants to make us (ME!) beg for a taste of her tits! Well, that’s a game I can enjoy.I’m practically on my knees when she finally reveals her nude knockers. She knows she’s got us (ME!) under her thumb! She squeezes her melons together, tugs on the nipples, smacks her bosom with her crop. I get the feeling that if I can’t please her tits right, that her crop may well be applied to my hairy ass! Oww!!Venera’s boobs are truly gigantic as they slide across her torso. She displays them every possible way as she writhes around on a bed. She stands over us (ME! ME! ME!) holding the crop high and stretching her boobs up. They look so suckable. What can I do to please Sexy Venera so she will feed me those huge pale nipples? I want her to cram my mouth with her cantaloupes!!Finally she shows me (yes, ME!) her pussy and asshole. And her boots again--black and spiky and shiny. I will do whatever she says if only I can press my face into her soft cleavage! I’ll suck her heels...I’ll lick her asshole...I’ll take a spanking from her crop! Yes, Sexy Venera is an addictive mistress whose boobs make me the total slave! What about YOU??