The Glory Of Their Glands!featuring Joanna Bliss,  Vanessa

Poor Howard Hughes and Russ Meyer! They died too soon, those world-famous exemplars of us men who admire the upper endowments of females. They not only admired, but celebrated and immortalized those feminine gifts--Hughes
by designing a cantilever bra for Jane Russell, and Meyer with his cheesecake photography and big-breast movies. Because if they were alive today both Howie and Russ would drool over the mega-meeting of Joanna Bliss and Vanessa on Wednesday 2/27/13, a carnal conclave of cantaloupes adding up to 70 inches of ball-boggling boobage divided between Joanna’s Romanian 36Hs and Vanessa’s Polish 34Ds! The ladies quickly peel down their lacy but industrial-strength boulder-holders to go for the gusto, sucking, hefting, squeezing, kneading, cuddling, and in every way demonstrating that they are just as much breast-lovers as we are!! ;) You’ll spend a week wanking over this new scene, putting yourself in Joanna’s place as her face is covered by Vanessa’s globes, or Vanessa’s place as she savors Joanna’s swinging sacks. Of course they play with their pussies as they enjoy their paps, and they look over at us with big smiles that only pull us into the scene with them! It’s like they almost see and hear us fapping to their fabulousness as they deliver unto our eyes and sacs a fantastical feast of glorious glands!