Keep Our Loads Coming!featuring Katerina Hartlova

The great models love to pose. You can feel their enjoyment not just through their exciting bodies, but through their intimate eyes. Katerina Hartlova from the Czech Republic is a case in point. She is one of the greatest
and we’re placing her in the spectrum of the last sixty-two years of glamour models starting with Bettie Page around 1950! Katerina Hartlova invites us into the world of her pix and videos with that wonderfully friendly, open girl-next-door face on top of the 34DD-25-37 body of a true goddess. The know-nothing mainstream media can keep fawning over Victoria’s Secret models with spindly frames and robot mugs. Those chicks are like Popeye's Olive Oyl compared to Katerina Hartlova, who is in the elite class of talent and is here making her 37th appearance for!! Katerina Hartlova poses in a tight blue denim vest that is a perfect accompaniment to her magnificent rack. It showcases her cleavage splendidly until she takes out her knockers and lets us enjoy their generous nude magnificence. Whether she’s leaning over an outdoor couch or standing up, Katerina Hartlova shows us her delicious shape to its fullest advantage. See her tits sway and swing as she leans over...or plump out proud and firm as she squeezes them between her upper arms! Even her pussy has a charismatic beauty that sets it apart. Ah, maybe we’re just plumb crazy for Katerina Hartlova but that only shows our good taste!! Katerina Hartlova gets naked and does everything breast-men like to see, from licking her tits, to pressing her fists against them, to rubbing a pink jack rabbit vibrator between her globes on its way down to her snatch. Katerina Hartlova delivers again, because it’s in her nature to give her all! That’s why Anonymous, one of our members, left a comment on her profile, “For the sake of humanity we need to have her cloned a million times over!” If you haven’t met Katarina before, we envy you, newbie! Your treat begins!! She’s our Model of the Day...again!!