Innocent face, powerful tits!featuring Katerina Hartlova

The ever-popular Czech honey Katerina Hartlova pays us a visit and shows off her lovely 34DD ornaments in front of her own Christmas tree. Peeling out of a satiny gold bra and panties, Katerina Hartlova displays her girlishly
friendly but seriously stacked womanliness in a lovely slow tease that gives us plenty of time to contemplate her cleavage before she finally reveals her naked boobs. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews make sure we can observe her orbs from every possible angle, which makes them seem all the more real as we stroke our dicks in awe and lust. Some of my favorite shots are when Katerina Hartlova lays on her tummy, stretched out so we can see not only the shape of her hanging bells, but also the round slope of her butt. And speaking of that delicious behind, Katerina Hartlova “gifts” us with some excellent views of her dark ass-crack. She spreads her pink pussy wide too, while at the same time scrunching her tits together with her upper arms so that they puff forward almost with a 3D effect. I don’t know what it is about my psyche, but there’s something about innocent looking girls taking control of my dick that gets me very excited, and therefore some of the low angle shots in the photo set are the most exciting to ye ole newsletter scribe--where a gleam of power comes into this sweetheart’s eyes, and she looks down at us as we stare, drool, and jack at the magnificence of her mammary mountain range as it looms above us!