Grappa and Gazongas!featuring Paige Delight

A nice glass of grappa really goes to Paige’s head on as she immediately starts giving us a strip show on the shady terrace of the DDF Cuisine House! First she peels down the top of her black dress from her right tit, then
she shows us the left, meanwhile taking another long swig of her brandy. With her cantaloupes exposed, she stands before us, and our DDF cameras come in tight to capture their alluring 38F fullness and heft. Paige lifts up her dress, letting us see her lusty left thigh with its fascinating tattoo of a giant derringer in a garter, and then she peels down her frock so we can see the rest of her complex ink.That grappa really does the trick, as this British babe plays with her boobs, hardening her nipples with the rubbing of her hands. She squeezes her squachies together so they plump out at us, and we can see the piercing in her left nip, as well as the tattoos “Father” and “Mother” on her forearms, and stars on her wrists. You don’t just get big tits with Paige, but lots of art! She takes off her thong and leans over the cafe table, showing us her butt, then she starts licking the bottle of grappa, rubbing it between her boobs and over her pussy. This new scene will not only make you horny, but you’ll also want a nice glass of brandy right away!