Laura's Knocker Fondue!featuring Laura Orsolya

We here at your favorite site occasionally like to pass along tips for interesting bosom-related pleasures. Kind of like an online “food channel,” you might say...but XXX style, showing you new ways to sensually savor big
natural boobs! Obviously, we're not talking about eating them--this isn't Hannibal Lecter's tit site, but Denys DeFrancesco's! So today observe the incredible Laura M. from Hungary demonstrate her “Knocker Fondue” which is perfect for Easter and many other holidays! First Laura unwraps her glands by removing blouse and boulder-holder. Then she squeezes, kneads, and tugs on the knobs to get them tender and ready for the oncoming sauce! Next, she takes chocolate Easter eggs and other sugary treats and mashes them up for the fondue pot. She holds a chocolate Easter Bunny wrapped in decorative foil between her cleavage before taking a bite out of its poor smiling head and putting it into the fondue!! Well at least it dies happy...then she warms the pot. When the sauce is ready, she dabs it all over her gazongas! Look at the gleam of the chocolate on the hardened nipples. She rubs some of that sauce on her pussy too, while enjoying her boobs shimmering and scrumptious as an irresistible treat for her tongue! Looks like Laura knows how to celebrate this holiday right!