Hot blonde sofa lovin!featuring Zuzana D.

Hi guys, I’m Zuzana D. but I’m sure you know, and for you bad boys who don’t, well you’ve got some catching up to do. Now don’t rush off too fast stay right where you’re at, I’ve got something to show you first before
you go rushing off. Now for you guys that know me then you know what to expect but for you new cummers, try not to jerk to fast. I like to take things nice and slow and it would be a shame if you didn’t make it to the end. After we’re done here then you can cum check out the rest of my sets and I’ll be waiting for your e-mail’s to let me know what you think. I started rubbing my body and moving my hips from side to side, and then I slowly unzipped the front of my dress, I want you to get a better look at my big round breast. I began rubbing my body all over from my boobs to my legs before sitting down on the sofa and then I spread my legs open nasty wide and started caressing my legs and squeezing my pillow soft tits. I turned around and got up on my knees and pulled my dress up over my sexy ass, rubbing my legs and ass all over and then I turned back around so you can watch me play with my breast and rub up and down between my thighs. I unzipped my dress I bit further down to my stomach and began rubbing and squeezing my tits and then I stood up moving my hips as I slowly took of my belt. I pulled my dress down and rubbed and squeezed my tits and then I sat down and took my dress totally off and then I sat there with just my bra, panties and boots, playing with my breast, rubbing and pushing them together. I laid down and caressed my sexy body all over playing with my boobs and rubbing my legs and then I got up on my knees and played with my breast some more. I sat down in the corner of the sofa and started rubbing my tits and slowly began pulling my bra straps down. I pulled out one of my boobs and then I began rubbing them both as I slowly pulled my bra down and continued rubbing and squeezing them both. I sat up on the arm of the sofa and played with my boobs some more, I just love playing with them both, it feels good to my tits and my hands. I stood up and walked in front of the sofa as I took of my bra and then I started moving my sexy body from side to side as I played with my bra between my breast. I tossed my bra to the side and caressed my body from my tits to my ass and then I slipped my thumbs in the waist line of my panties and slowly started pulling them down. I laid down on the sofa and lifted my legs up high and finished pulling them off and then I rubbed them all over my body, rubbing and squeezing my tits and hugging my body pushing them together. I sat up and leaned forward and started moving my body so my tits would hang and shake around and then I got up on my knees and rubbed my body up and down, squeezing my boobs and rubbing my nipples round and round. I sat back down on the sofa with one leg up and the other one down and went right back to touching my body, rubbing my legs and playing with my tits before and showing you my pretty pink pussy. I got back up on my knees leaning forward and played with my hanging breast and then I started moving my body shaking them back and forth. I rubbed and squeezed them tight and then I held and pushed them together, doing the things you would to if you were here with me. I stood back up in front of the sofa and caressed my body from top to bottom touching my tits, legs, and pussy. I leaning forward and moved my body, shaking, squeezing, and playing with my breast to the very end.