Carmen knows what we're doing!featuring Carmen Croft

Carmen Croft returns after her stunning boy-girl debut on 10/25. This time Carmen goes solo in a bathroom, showing off her 36D-25-36 bod as she peels out of a halter top and panties. You'll want to jump into the shower yourself
and help Carmen coat her cantaloupes with gooey cream and then rinse them off!Miss Croft really has a splendid figure, and we get to see her standing up, sitting down, and on her knees sticking out that fine derriere. And it's cool how after all the exposure, some of the sexiest shots are at the end, as Carmen dries herself and wraps her body in a thick towel, showing off only her cleavage. She's a terrific model with an interesting, Mona Lisa-type of mysterious smile, and I find myself often wondering what's going through her head as she looks into the camera. I have a feeling--or maybe it's my hope--that's she's simply sending us telepathic commands to keep stroking our cocks until we spurt big appreciative loads for her beauty and allure! But I also have the feeling she might even be imagining us afterward, as with a slightly embarrassed flush in our faces we wipe up our gooey messes like naughty overheated lads.