Thump and rub and squeeze!featuring Alina LP

Alina looks as amazing as she did in her previous appearance. This time she poses in a little blue top and matching panties. The video is straightforward in its approach: let’s show Alina lifting and caressing those delightful
dumplings both in her top and out of it! Sitting barefoot on a high stool, with her toes curled around the chair, she gives us great eye contact and a sweet smile as she plays “now you see them, now you don’t.” But finally the top comes off and we watch entranced as she rubs her well-manicured slender fingers all over the surface of her num-nums. The intimate sounds of her hands on her glands make it seem as if she’s right there in the room with you. Ye ole newsletter scribe could have watched her stroke those tits for five solid hours!