Mammary movie masterworks!featuring Alina LP

Alina returns in her own new Big Tits Cocktail! With her innocent look, cute smile, slender but almost boyish figure, and firm, upstanding, round, delectable 32D milkmakers, she is unbelievably sexy!! And her modest new video
is a masterpiece. Although it takes place completely in a humble little kitchen, it delivers exactly the right angles and closeups at exactly the right moments, the camera giving us Alina teasing in her teeny white top and panties, then moving in for low angle shots that let us hear the sweet caress of her slender well-manicured fingers against her breasts. Even the choice of showing her barefoot is inspired, because we get to see her on tiptoe as she climbs off the kitchen counter. This is a video I will be watching again and again, once I restock the tissue box!