Swaying and swingin in yo face!featuring Alicia

Mega-bosomy Alicia comes bottomless into a cozy bedroom, only wearing a lacy top. “This looks like a wonderful place to play,” she says, smiling as she shows off deep cleavage and squeezes her boulders through her top.
When she finally unbuttons and unveils her beauties, your mouth will water at the fantastic display of her firm but enormous cupcakes. Alicia gives ye ole newsletter scribbler a boner just by licking her finger and rubbing saliva on her nips. “I think I need to moisturize myself,” she says, as if she couldn’t get an army of her admirers to provide enough moisture to fill an ocean! She drips white goo on her cantaloupes and rubs it in, all the while moaning up a storm. Her moans alone will have you stroking, but there’s much more as she oils up her pussy, plunges her fingers in with a squish, and then settles in for a big orgasmic finale involving a humongous dildo that travels from her twat to her ta-tas.