Caught in her Soapy Storm!featuring Pamela

Pamela is another model rapidly becoming a favorite with her appearances on our site, and today she gives us a sexy show in the bathroom. First this Hungarian hottie opens her pretty robe to share the vista of her 34C rack,
which she gently rubs with her prettily manicured fingers. Leaning back, she lets us feast on the sight of her light beige nipples, before pulling aside the crotch of her pink and white lacy panties to give us a glimpse of her shaven cookie. Pam pulls down her panties just below the level of her pie, and leaning against the tiled wall of the bathroom, gives us alluring poses of the curves of her bod. Then the panties come off and, completely naked, she’s ready for the next phase of her tease--once she finishes tugging on her nipples, that is!Getting into the tub, she wets herself with the shower attachment, the water pouring down, gleaming sensuously along the sultry slopes of her knockers. Then she kneels in the tub and pours white liquid soap on her bells, creaming them up and pressing them together. Rubbing the foam into her cleavage, she then uses a sponge to make a frothy lather on her torso. She keeps rubbing her boobs until they are covered with bubbles. Then she presses her tits on the edge of the tub, before leaning back to rinse herself off with the shower attachment. You’ll just wish you were three inches high and hanging onto one of those nipples like a mountain climber caught in a storm, the sight of her tan-lined titties so sexy as she leans back and the water sprays across them in a torrent! Finally, after stimulating all these fantastical fantasies in our minds, Pamela stands up and wraps her beautiful body in a bright blue towel, as well as giving us some flirty tit squeezes before saying goodbye until next time!