Jump through hoops for her hootersfeaturing Mandy Dee

Mandy Dee is back for her fifth appearance on our site. As usual, this Russian beauty works her magic on our balls with a sultry face and an impressively curvy 34DD-25-37 figure. In her new set of photos and HD video, she
poses in an off-white two-piece bathing ensemble at an indoor pool. She dips in the water briefly, wetting her feet, then gets out and poses on the edge of the pool.After teasing us with her cleavage in the bra, she takes the garment down to reveal her big-nipped knockers. She keeps the bra under her boobs for awhile, so they stick up proudly. Miss Dee’s tits really look firm and suckable. But my instinct is that Mandy would really make a man work for the chance to enjoy those jugs! She often projects haughtiness in her photos. She might be a perfectly sweet girl in real life, but she has mastered the “femme fatale” look as a persona for her pix.So Mandy gives us that vampy stare that is her trademark as she sticks her ass in our faces and plays with her pussy, too. We get nice views of her feet as well. She takes down her bra and her boobs don’t sag at all. What an amazing rack! Her belly is taut and kissable, but once again, to enjoy those delights I bet a guy would have to jump through fiery hoops. Some breast models look maternal and nurturing, but Mandy instead gives off a very bitchy vibe here. Even if a man got to taste her nipples, she might push him off only after a second or two and make him suck her asshole instead! Or kiss her feet or lick her clit until his tongue went numb. Finally at the end of her photos, Mandy smiles almost sweetly. But maybe she’s just happy that she’s teased the living hell out of our breastaholic nuts and knows that we’ll still come crawling back for more!!