Newbie Brings Boobie Bliss!featuring Lily

Oh boy, we’ve got a great newcomer for you! We got instant boners when we saw Lily’s blue eyes...cute smile...lovely cleavage...and pouty peach! Oh boy, we could stroke just to the opening shots of this babe in her robe,
giving us a peek of the valley between those full boobies with the huge silver dollar nipples...oh boy...there are some low angle shots of her at the beginning that show those incredible nips in perfect position for hours of suckling...oh boy...!!Oh you get the idea? This newbie is making us fidget in our slacks as we try to type these words. She’s holding her pretty globes in her hands, pressing them together, offering us two nipples to suck at a time...oh boy...and now she’s getting into the bathtub. Catch the curve of her back, sweeping down to those kissable cheeks! She’s leaning over the edge of the tub, showing us her titties, and now she’s lifting them up to lick her left nip...posing in the bubbly water, smiling, she plays with her paps, juggling them in her red-manicured fingers, then leaning back and rubbing her clam under the foamy water...even her tummy is so kissable...what a nice little belly button...this Lily has got it ALL!Now she’s playing with a blue curved bath brush. Rubbing it against her nips, then sliding the handle into her snatch, fucking herself...yes, now why don’t you do that, Lily, and we’ll concentrate on sucking those tits...cum on your brush, and we’ll make your boobies feel so fine with our devoted worship...but now she turns around and fucks her cunny from behind with the brush. Do you want us to kiss those butt cheeks, Lily? Will do...oh you’re giving the brush a tit-fuck...this newbie is game for almost everything! She grabs her pussy lips in the handle of the brush and shows them to us in closeup. We will kiss your pussy and suck your tits and lick your ass and oh boy even your feet look cute...oh boy what a mess we’ve made, thanks to you Miss Lily!! Looks like DDF has discovered a really big new star!