Breastman’s delight!featuring Maserati

We receive the gift of another appearance by the amazing Maserati, who has been garnering praise from our fans ever since she first showed up on “A whole new meaning to the term ‘Full Breasts’, historic proportions!”
enthused member Valdemar117. “Makes me want to find a new name for ‘superdooperextraordinary,’” wrote peanutbutter. And “the most gorgeous ebony goddess!” declared snakybaddy. “Looking forward to a solo of this girl!” added dtoner. Well, guys, here she is in the bath, letting us feast on the phenomenon of her 36H-27-38 figure as she lolls around in the water, her hooters happily resting on the bubbly surface as she soaps herself for her refreshing cleanliness as well as our breastman’s delight!This Jamaican-American hottie caresses and squeezes her squachies, pressing them against the glass panel of the tub, then leans back and lets her knockers rise up out of the waves like Atlantis suddenly reappearing in the middle of the Mediterranean!! Yes, all sorts of colossal images come to mind as she stands up in the tub and soaps herself above our cameras. A bath brush serves double-duty as a dildo as Maserati crams her dark pussy nook with the handle while leaning over in the doggie position. We get some great sideboob views as her bells sway and swing with her movements in the HD video!Maserati explodes on her improvised sex toy, her hands pressing against her nipples and lifting them up for licking by her pink tongue. Then she gets back down in the tub and fucks herself from behind with the brush some more. After all this energetic activity, she’s clearly worked up a sweat, so she rinses off with the shower attachment and lets the needle stream of water glisten and slide down her torso. If only we could be there to drink it all up as it splashed off her sexy tummy and horny pussy!! For a finale, Maserati wraps herself in a big yellow towel, showcasing her jugs for us one last time before she says goodbye until her next show!