Seducing with Every Inch!featuring Brookie G.

Another amazing talent towers over our testicles this week as the gorgeous Brookie G. from Great Britain returns and gives us a glamour girl set that will have you pumping out the cream post-haste! From her bright scarlet
bad-girl lipstick to her red animal print minidress to her strappy black platforms, Brookie is out to seduce us not just with those 36Ds but every inch of her gorgeous terrain--and nobody will escape!Brookie teases us on a stairway, and first we get overhead shots that give us great views of the deep plunge of her cleavage in the lowcut decolletage. Then our DDF cameras move back to show Brookie from the top of her blonde tresses down to her black heels, posing her pinup legs while tugging down the front of her frock to let us see her bosom ready to burst forth from its confines. There’s a little statue of an armored knight complete with lance standing in the background on the stairs, almost as if to imply that Brookie has her own mini-security force to keep the hordes of her admirers at bay lest she be mobbed by hungry mouths and drooling cocks!We get lots more overhead shots gazing into the valley of her gazongas, and then finally she shows us her bare titties, grinning happily as if she can see all our rods springing up helplessly at the sight of her utter cuteness and total womanliness. Miss G. plays with her nipples, tugging on them and squeezing her knockers, and sticking out her tongue to indicate what we would be doing if we were called to the service of her glorious glands. After wrapping the straps of her dress around her bells, she finally peels down just to her thong and heels, looking at us with a knowing smile that readily communicates her demand that we keep stroking but not squirt before we get to the end of her pix and Full HD video. Then, once she slides her thong down to her ankles and off, Brookie showcases her pussy and rosebud to our lustful stares, and all we can do is uncontrollably spill our loads in tribute to her total hotness.