Lola's yummy num-nums!

My dick, as well as my brain, are in a tizzy from all these hooterific honeys, so let’s keep it simple and start at the beginning with Lola’s appearance! Here’s a playful Czech amazon (she’s 5’11”!!) who always looks
as if she’s ready for fun. First she gives us a teasing display of her deep cleavage in her skimpy t-shirt, and then she pulls the shirt over her hangers to show off their 34F magnificence.Lola tugs aside her cute pink panties to reveal her meaty slit, and then she bends over and lets her bells sway back and forth so we can get in some good drooling. Lola has a sexy habit of licking her front teeth with her pierced tongue, which makes me think of how nice her mouth would feel if I ever got a chance to plow my cock up through her valley to her lips. Dream on, Uncle Irv! In one really great shot, Lola squeezes her boobs together so tightly that they fill half the screen, with her knowing smile and eyes looking down at us from above.Lola really knows how to tease and the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture it all! If you have a favorite “move” when it comes to the way a woman should display her tits, Lola probably does it here. I especially like one shot where the camera is between her legs looking up as she presses down over her boobs so they look like two big fleshy melons. Makes me think that Lola wants me to lick my way up from her cunny, across her belly with her pierced navel, and then up, up, up to her num-nums so I can suck for the rest of the day on her nurturing nips! Yummmmmmy! Lola really delivers in her seventh showcase on our site.