Shione casts a spell!featuring Shione Cooper

Welcome Shione Cooper, the 23-year-old Czech sensation who can weave a thousand erotic stories in my mind with her expressive face, not to mention those drool-inducing 36DDs.She peels out of a bath wrap, but even before she
gets out of it, she’s delivered the goods--because her eyes and flirty smiles (or a seductive pout) make the very idea of her nudity under that hot pink wrap all the more exciting. Whether she’s crouching in the tub or pouring rosy bath beads over herself, ye ole Uncle Irv can’t take his eyes off her! If you like a girl who’s playful, that’s Shione. If you like ‘em sultry, like a femme fatale, that’s Shione too. She has the power of a Scheherazade from the Arabian Nights tales, a temptress who casts a spell over our nuts even when she simply squats down naked in the tub to wet herself from the faucet, or to let the Jacuzzi waters splash all over her jumbo jugs. Boy, I sure would like to be six inches tall and rowing a little toy boat in the bathtub while Shione splashes around! What a sight that would be! And then later to return to my former height to sink into the softness of her magnificent bells and suck to my heart’s content! Say, what are YOUR fantasies about Miss Cooper? If you’re a member, you can check out the new images immediately and find out; if you’re not, you’ll miss one of the true masterpiece pictorials and videos here on!