Chesty warrior queen!featuring Sandy K.

The Hollywood vibe continues with our popular model Sandy, who I’ve always thought has a little of 30s and 40s screen icon Barbara Stanwyck in her face--although Sandy’s 34DD mams are in a class that the modestly endowed
Stanwyck could never have aspired to! And for us Sandy plays a role that Miss Stanwyck never got: that of a mythical warrior queen in a forest, complete with metal mask, metal bra and panties, thigh high boots with metal shin protectors, and a gigantic spear!But Sandy’s definitely a happy warrior, soon putting aside her spear to show us her bare boobs and tasty pussy in huge closeups. Two horizontal shots of her titties link together in a veritable Cinemascopic view of her chest! You’ll be ready to submit once Sandy doffs her metal duds and gives you a horny tease show. She’s one opponent that even Jason and his Argonauts might have surrendered to!