Take a shower with Sandy!featuring Lola,  Sandy K.

Lola is not only a girl WITH gorgeous jugs, but someone who appreciates them too! At a heart-racing 34DD-25-36, Sandy from Germany is as drool-inducing as Lola! Sandy is a honey, right down to the cute little sprinkling of
freckles across the bridge of her nose! In her new update of photos and HD video, she goes ahead with the shower, rinsing herself one tit at a time, and you’ll want to be underneath drinking the water as it pours off those sensuous nipples! Next Sandy squirts some gooey soap on her boobs and smushes them together, holding her bosom together in a veritable loaf of boob flesh!! Denys DeFrancesco and his production staff don’t miss a beat when photographing Sandy; they capture her doing everything from holding her hands on her chest above her tits (one of my personal favorite poses), to spreading them widely apart. We even get great shots of her pussy drenched in that gooey lotion that looks so much like cum, as well as a few bonus shots of Sandy in the bubbly bathwater and teasing with her toes and wrinkled soles! Foot fantasies, anyone? And any tit-man worth his weight in sperm will envy the soft blue towel that Sandy uses to dry herself off. Say, do you believe in reincarnation? I’m coming back as that towel!!