A tit queen in the classic style!featuring Michelle

Michelle Monaghan is one of the most exciting models I’ve seen in years, and with her new pictorial and video you will get to experience her beauty in all its glory! I also work for bazoom mags as a writer, and I’ve seen
hundreds of thousands of photos in the course of doing my interviews with breast goddesses, or short stories about adventures with knockers; and I can tell you authoritatively that this new set of pix by Denys DeFrancesco and his photo crews is a MASTERPIECE.Michelle is amazing--I bet the late great boob lensman Russ Meyer would have loved her--and the photography is comprehensive. You will feel Miss Monaghan and her 32Gs almost right in front of you, as she shows her tits in every way you could possibly request. If I were teaching a class in gazonga photography, I would use this photo set as an example of how to best capture the glamour and allure of large-breasted women.And remember, it also comes with High-Definition video!With her lush curves, Michelle is like an earth mother out of a painting by Titian or Rubens--but without the cellulite those master painters seemed to get off on! Our babe peels slowly out of a pink and black satin bra and panties, teasing us with her deep cleavage. Different angles and camera lenses expertly capture the roundness and heft of her hooters, as well as the lines of her sensuous hips and seductive tummy. Michelle gets into the shower and we watch her soap her boobs and then press them against the glass of the stall. She pulls out a vibrator next, then plays with her pussy while laying back. Shots of her leaning over with her bells just grazing the side of the tub will make you bark like a dog!! At least I did. I hope my neighbors didn’t mind!!