Torrid tittie temptress!featuring Emma Butt

Start your week with a top-heavy newcomer named Emma Butt! Hey, if you’re in America and celebrating Turkey Day, this is just one more thing to be thankful for!! Emma starts out tantalizing us in a tight little red dress.
Her bust presses against the low-cut front like twin zeppelins in a scarlet hanger! Emma crouches on the floor as we look down on her, giving us ever deeper views of her cleavage. Then she sits in a chair, showing off her incredible calves and lush thighs, before standing up again and peeling down the front of her frock to display an industrial strength bra that holds her milk bombs in comfy captivity!We love it that Emma is wearing glasses! She makes us think of a buttoned-down librarian who is finally busting out and being her secret lusty self!! She shows us her ass and shaved pussy, continuing to tease us where her titties are concerned. Then finally she pulls out her dark crinkly nipples and licks them with her pierced tongue! Standing over us with a stern look in her eye, as if she’s just told us to keep quiet in the library, she takes out a dildo and sucks it while we admire her mountain range from below, thanks to the perfect camera angles captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his crews. Emma crawls across the bed and sucks the dildo both with a smile on her face and stern librarian stare. (Hell, we don’t even know if she likes to read in real life, but we just can’t help but see Miss Butt as a librarian with those specs!!) She boffs the dildo with her jugs and quim, rolling around on the bed, and then she sticks the suction cup bottom of the rubber toy on a mirror, so she can bang herself standing up while her tits swing free! Finally she gets down on her knees and blows the dildo, and we get double helpings of everything thanks to that handy mirror! Don’t miss Emma Butt!!